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2020 Refuse Recycling Fund Increase


RE: Refuse and Recycling Fund Increase.


The City of Park Falls Refuse and Recycling Fund has been operating at a $20,000 annual deficit for several years, as can be seen on the following table.



Recognizing that the fees for refuse and recycling have not increased since 2008, the Common Council received a recommendation from the City Administrator to increase fees for the first time in over 10 years.  On February 24, 2020, the Common Council decided at their regular meeting to increase fees from $34 per quarter to $40 per quarter, in order to make up this deficit to the refuse and recycling fund.  As long as recycling values do not continue to decrease and the tipping fees for refuse do not increase, the city should be able to maintain these fees at $40 per quarter.  This rate increase will allow the city to balance the refuse and recycling funds as well as work through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources required improvements to the City’s Transfer Station.  The city has received notice from the WDNR that all refuse and recycling waste received must be under a covered location.


Additionally, the city will be doubling the size of the refuse container which will be distributed in the spring.  Instructions and dates will be finalized regarding transition to the new refuse bins with an informational mailing to the entire city in April. 


Please feel free to contact the City Administrator, Brentt P. Michalek with any questions at (715)762-2436.